Wildcats Junior Golf Programme

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Its about enjoying the game, having fun and 'playing for the pride' - Wildcats

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Our Coaching Philosophy    

We always remember that the game of golf is just that - a game. It’s all about enjoying , at the same time, learning and developing golf and life skills within a safe fun filled environment.

We play with all equipment, in all situations, so our young golfers learn all the skills necessary for them to venture out onto the field of play.

We learn golf through a variety of fun-filled age appropriate activities where players have the opportunity to experience, grasp and execute the game as it relates to them and learn at their own rates and at their own stage of physical and mental development. 


A sport for life and a sport for all   

The Coaches at Whipsnade Park Golf Club take great pride in sharing with their students a sport for life and a sport for all. At all times we strive to make the carefully structured process of learning, competing and achieving, a balanced, enjoyable and safe experience. 


Who can participate?

All of our FUNdamental classes are enjoyed by girls and boys between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. Previous experience isnot required and all equipment can be supplied.


Booking Details

FUNdamental weekend sessions are run on a roll up basis. 

No  booking is necessary, however, if this  is your first time or you have not been for a while please call to confirm your interest in coming so we can best prepare for you. 


Safety in class 

The welfare of all our students is paramount and they are briefed regularly on the need for personal care and the wellbeing and safety of others, within both the practice environment and on the golf course. All students are encouraged to practice both at home and at the golf club, however we strongly recommend you monitor their safety as well. 


What to wear?

For FUNdamental sessions dress codes are very relaxed and it is important that all students feel comfortable while they are being introduced to the sport.

However, we do require all students dress appropriately for the golf course.  Dress code requirements are available upon request and you will be advised in advance when coaching may be conducted on the golf course.


Where does the coaching take place?

All coaching is held at Whipsnade Park Golf Club, where we maximize the fantastic facilities including; the Putting Green, Driving Range, the Chipping Area and Pitching Zones as well as the 18 hole Golf Course.

Explanar junior training system

We can provide students with golf  "training wheels or stabilisers". The Explanar junior  training system is ideal for offering all young golfers the perfect start to their golfing life by giving them a feeling for the golf swing and a repeatable  motion.